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Lago Linea modular wall shelving minimalist book shelf

26 Of The Most Creative Bookshelves Designs

modern wall mounted bookshelves: terrific moodern bookshelf ideas modular wall shelving minimalist bookshelf creative shelf designs interior furniture unique and creative shelf design

Small Space Secrets: Swap Your Bookcases for Wall Mounted ShelvingWall-mounted shelving systems, he points out, sit closer to the wall so, they take up less floor space. They can also hold more things than a traditional bookcase because you can install them all the way to the ceiling.  In the top image, from Stadshem via Freshhome, wall-mounted shelves maximize storage space at the end of a hallway.

This Common Furniture Item is Actually a Huge Space Hog

I wrote a whole post about swapping your bookcases for wall-mounted shelving. Wall-mounted shelving takes up less space, and can almost appear to blend in with the wall. Image from Stadshem, via Freshhome.

Wall Mounted Corner Shelves | 15 Ingenious DIY Home Projects For Small Spaces

DIY Home Projects For Small Spaces

Corner shelves, I love how you can use small corner space. I don't like a shelf facing only one side in the corner and a tall bookcase would eat up the space around.

Appealing Round Wall Mounted Bookshelves in Artistic Design

interior design home decor furniture shelves shelving bookshelves--could paint to look like a sports ball.

Wall Mounted Bookcase Ideas for Home Office: Hanging Wall Mounted Bookcase – Vizimac

Bookcase ~ Ikea Bookcase Wallpaper Childrens Wall Bookshelf Wall Bookshelf Designs Wall Mounted Bookcase Ideas For Home Office Hanging Wall Mounted Bookcase Vizimac Bookcase On Wall. Bookcase On Brick Wall. Bookcase On Wall. Billy Bookcase Wallpaper Back.

Wall-Mounted Shelving Systems You Can DIY

Wall-Mounted Shelving Systems You Can DIY

Build organize a corner shelving system; love for Lily's room in white possibly. Get book cart out of her room and put books on Wall to save space

DIY: How to Build a Wall Mount Bookshelf - Its Overflowing

Little boys' room-We decided to create our own DIY wall mount bookshelf. It didn't take too much time or effort. I'll show you how to build a wall mount bookshelf.

Intéressante bibliothèque

Floating bookshelves, these are bookshelves I like. Looks like you could do this with an IKEA kitchen wall cabinet minus door and turned horizontal to mount. IDEA for narrow wall next to our kitchen wall

Wall Mounted Bookshelves Ikea Ikea Shelves On And Shelf Hack

Diy Wooden Shelf - If you're looking to enter your bedroom, you should be aware that they are available in many different

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Estanteria Modular Bookcase You may also like: 20 Uberstylish Modular Wall-Mounted Shelving Systems

Last night we hung the shelves in the reading room and the design that has been in our minds finally came to fruition. From this: To this: We really wanted wall-to-wall thicker solid wood shelves that maybe looked like they were floating, but not necessarily are–since you can’t very easily achieve that with solid wood. We are so pleased with the results! Of course, now we can fill them up with books and some accessories, but before we do that we wanted to give you a full breakdown of what we…

DIY Solid Wood Wall-to-Wall Shelves

Paint is cheap, easy and an affordable strategy to bring color in your home. Floating shelves are helpful for displaying items in your living space, bathroom, or only about any space of the home. DIY can be an enjoyable project… Continue Reading →

Potted plants on wall-mounted bookcases

Helpful Hints for Decorating Bookshelves

9 Ideas For Creating A Stylish Bookshelf // Greenery --- Plants literally give life to the shelves, and can be a great way to add height and depth to your display. They also help purify the air, making them great for your home environment.