8 tips for Adding Farmhouse Charm to a Builder-Grade Kitchen - I love the beaded wood wallpaper!  Must find some :)

8 Tips for Adding Farmhouse-Charm to a Builder-Grade Kitchen

Wallpapered Kitchen Cabinets

30 Creative Wallpaper Uses and Project Ideas

Get creative with leftover wallpaper with more than 30 project ideas and creative uses including drawer liners, inside the back of bookshelves and more.

If you HAVE to file, at least make the cabinet pretty with modge podge decoupage.

How To Cover a File Cabinet - using spray paint, wallpaper paste and wallpaper, a boring metal cabinet was given a whole new look. - I want to do this on my boring old white refrigerator.

Budget Cabinet Makeover - Sand and Sisal

Budget Cabinet Makeover

Budget Cabinet Makeover – Nest of Bliss Cabinet faces made by adding plywood edges & beadboard wallpaper. I put the beadboard wallpaper on my cabinet doors and painted them. 3 different contractors were convinced they were the real thing!

Beadboard wall paper. These projects look great, but my question is: how well do they hold up? Really, if anyone knows please let me know because I'm a little bit in love with these cabinets...

Beadboard Wallpaper (cabinets tutorial) You can use Beadboard Wallpaper to give your furniture, and ceillings some real Beadboard look, inexpensive, and you can remove to replace it, but can also paint it.

Transform old cabinets with this DIY beadboard wallpaper cabinet tutorial!

Transform old cabinets with this DIY beadboard wallpaper cabinet tutorial! For kitchen or bathrooms.

Mindy you are so creative! 
Revamp cabinets with beadboard wallpaper...  It's easy to use, inexpensive and you can paint it.  I recently purchased a roll for $29 at Ace Hardware to give my kitchen island a makeover.

Beadboard Wallpaper Project

DIY Decorating Ideas: Plain cabinet ends look pretty boring. Now you can give them style by adding the look of beadboard without using power tools. With beadboard wallpaper! Beadboard Wallpaper Cabinet Project Tutorial And other cool ideas!

bead board wallpaper on the cupboard doors.  love it!

10 Amazing DIY Projects with Bead Board Wallpaper

This worked great to get the icky contact paper out of my kitchen cabinets. 2013

How to Remove Contact Paper in Minutes

How to Remove Contact Paper ~ Break out your hair dryer! It removed it like a charm. Heat it up a little bit and it peels right off.

Splurge on a wallpaper pattern you really love and surprise yourself every time you open the medicine cabinet.

Small spaces are perfect for weekend wallpaper projects. Splurge on a pattern you really love and surprise yourself everytime you open the medicine cabinet.

Something like this in the guest room with spare pillows and blankets and a few little comforts would be nice. Some books, maybe, and other bits for relaxing and entertainment.

Forrar muebles

Idea for DIY wallpaper or scrapbooking paper inside glass furniture. Idea for our victrola cabinet?