Typographic wall calendar by Harald Geisler recycling old keyboards via PAGE online

TYPO 2012 – Der zweite Tag

NEW Copper 2016 Moon Phases Calendar, 22x30 large screen print also silver gold modern print on black, pink luna lunar wall art space, stars

Copper 2014 Moon Phases Calendar, large screen print: silver gold or grey print on black, pink luna lunar wall art, space, & stars

Für das Jahr 2015 habe ich mir vorgenommen, meine Blogbeiträge ein wenig mehr zu planen, damit ich den Stress der Vorbereitungen ein wenig vermeiden oder zumindest verringern kann. Ja, die BloggerInne

10 Things You Can Make Using Paint Chips

Calendario by hippie-projects Mar 2017 - Agosto 2018  ★ siempre por un período de 18 meses ★ puedes elegir el mes de inicio de      tu calendario ★ con días festivos legales (UK) ★ cada...

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5 Creative DIY Wall Calendars

10 Creative Wall Calendar Projects - Page 3 of 11

Carl Jung said that "the Shadow is the person that we’d rather not be.” He explains that the Shadow is the side of our personality which we do not consciously display in public. It may have positive or negative qualities. If it remains unconscious, the Shadow is often projected onto other individuals or groups. Anything that we judge in others is often a hidden part of our self that we deny or of which we are ashamed.

A flower, garden, plants and floral art photography by international garden photographer of the year Magda Wasiczek

2014 Illustrated Calendar.  Design is literally everywhere - just look for it.

Love. Luck. Kisses and Cake - The Blog

<> Art By Beth Conklin:

ayalga Alaridos del ser 3. "A la cueva del cebrian"

DIY Wandkalender Farbkarten basteln modage 12

DIY Wandkalender Farbkarten basteln modage 12

Would be tricky and expensive printing wise but like the layers

30 Creative, Colorful & Inspiring 2012 Calendar Designs


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