Not crazy about the pipe cleaners but good idea for each table to play with throughout the evening.  Maybe have a bubble release at some point during the reception?

Festive Bubble Jars : with Consol Glass

COuld have the children make their own bubbles and wand for a summer craft. Also would be good as a gift or for a party: some dishwashing liquid, water, jars, and pipe make a lot of bubbles

I like the personal touch with the bows !

33 Awesome Wedding Favors for Your Guests

Box of 48 Wedding Wand Tube Bubble Wedding Favours- NEW: Kitchen & Home £8.05

Get off now on Box of 48 Wedding Wand Tube Bubble Wedding Favours- NEW by Wedding Bubbles

I feel like at least half of these are venue/earth friendly since so many people have issues with confetti :)

24 Non-Traditional Wedding Send-Off Ideas

If you know anything about planning a wedding, you know it& all in the details. Here are 24 non-traditional ways that don& involve rice to send off the happy couple.

Wedding BUBBLES for end of the ceremony - favors placed on chairs.. bride style of ladies, groom style for the men.

Description: Bride: veil topping with a small flat back pearl * veil is hand trimmed Color: white veil & white pearl Groom: come with a over #wedding Bubbles at the outdoor wedding or reception to keep the little ones busy.

Hindu & Christian Wedding

Believe me, kids aren’t a burden at your wedding! There are lots of ways to make your wedding kids-friendly and keep them busy the whole day! First, choose colorful decor for the kids’ table.