rustic decor... hmm could make smaller versions for a mobile, outdoors or indoors :)

Show off your crafty side for the HOLIDAYS (30 photos)

make stars out of sticks another Easy Christmas Star Ornament idea. I did this last year, I made all different sized stars and displayed them on the fire place mantel


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Ist der Weihnachtsbaum heidnisch? Dürfen Christen einen haben?

Ist der Weihnachtsbaum heidnisch? Dürfen Christen einen haben?

Pagan holidays - Christians, do you see some overlap in holidays? Why is that? Have you ever asked why you do the things you do on these holidays? You should.....

These sun-worshiping pagans performed hateful, barbaric and murderous acts oftentimes during these major “holy days” positioned evenly around the solar year and the sun’s patterns.

Anders als Weihnachten findet Ostern jedes Jahr zu einem anderen Datum statt. Hier spielt das eher heidnisch anmutende Kriterium des Vollmondes im Frühjahr eine Rolle. Das Fest findet jeweils am ersten Sonntag nach dem ersten Vollmond im Frühjahr statt. Der Frühlingsbeginn ist dabei fix auf den 21. März festgelegt. Der Ostersonntag fällt deshalb in der Regel in den Zeitraum zwischen dem 21. März und dem 25. April. Die weiteren flexiblen Feiertage des Kirchenjahres orientieren sich dann…

With Easter weekend ahead, catch up on some fun, festive and insightful reading with our holiday digest. From recipes to springtime inspo, we've got you covered!

An Asatru Night Before Christmas.

"Odhin" by Johannes Gehrts. The Norse god Odin sits enthroned, flanked by his ravens Huginn and Munnin, and the wolves Geri and Freki.

These charming crafts are made with twigs and decorated with button stickers, pine needles, berries, twine, and felt. They can even be used for festive wall art this holiday season. Get the tutorial at Little Things Bring Smiles.

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Christmas --- If you don't have room for a big tree, what a great idea this is. Hang a pole or tension rod and suspend your ornaments from it. Good idea for my TV room window.

Rustic twig stars!

Christmas Craft Party - stars made from twigs and sticks and decorated with beads and ribbon. Perfect Frugal DiY Christmas tree decorations to make with your children. (How To Make Christmas Tree)