Tips for Tool Storage Organize your shop with these weekend projects. By Tom Caspar Clamp Warehouse Hang your long, heavy clamps on this rack designed for strength. The braces are notched into the bracket arms in a simple version of a timber-frame joint. Mill 2×4 dimensional lumber straight and square to make these brackets. The braces form a 45-degree triangle with the two arms. Miter the ends of the braces …

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Something Turquoise / Jen's craft room is amazing!!

Check out the Something Turquoise Craft Room + Blog Office!

Keeping your workspace organized is always a challenge, but small tools can be…

Woodworking is a job, for which one requires to work with precision and skill. Mistakes during woodworking may spoil the whole piece. In woodworking, there are some things, which should be done repeatedly. woodworking jigs are tools,

Tidy-up time can’t get any more satisfying with a closet this organized. Learn more about custom storage solutions at

Small walk in closet ideas and organizer design to inspire you. diy walk in closet ideas, walk in closet dimensions, closet organization ideas.

Easy Wood Projects For Junior High DIY Woodwork Making Plans | timothyvici

Hold Everything Pallet Tool Rack

My husband needs this! Look at this perfect tool rack organization. It was made from new wood in the link where we found it, but could easily be made out of pallets or with Rust-Oleum wood stain!

Hand Tool Wall Cabinet Plans - Workshop Solutions Plans, Tips and Tricks |

Hand Tool Wall Cabinet Plans - Workshop Solutions Plans, Tips and Tricks - Woodwork, Woodworking, Woodworking Plans, Woodworking Projects

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The Ultimate Garage Renovation Guide - Every Man's Dream

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A pegboard in your garage is such a great way to easily organize and store your tools in a way that makes them easily visible and accessible. A white pegboard also brightens up a dreary gray garage!

Brilliant Garage Organization Ideas

Pegboard storage in a home studio, Kim Victoria Jewels. Photo by Eve Wilson via The Design Files Garage pegboard and plywood

Keep your garage organized with these DIY, customizable storage solutions.

How To Use A French Cleat for Storage Solutions

A French Cleat is one of the simplest ways to create garage storage areas. Learn how to make a French Cleat step-by-step.

Craft Room Organizing Ideas: pegboard - having everything in reach from a chair & having it visible makes me actually use what I have!

Craft Room Organizing Ideas

Craft Room Organizing Ideas-some great tips for hanging stuff on a pegboard. Binder clips for fabric. Crates resting on long arm pegs.

Custom Tool Wall

Work space organization should be a top priority for any maker. Having a very small workshop/garage that I share with my car, utilizing every surface is a must.

Tool Wall  A hammer and nails are easy to find if everything is kept in its place. Create that place by marking the outlines of tools on a garage wall or above your workbench. First hang your tools, and carefully trace around them lightly in pencil. Then remove the tools, and go over the pencil lines using more visible markers. We used black marker, but paint pens also work well.

Tool Wall

Gary has already done a similar idea with my garden hand tools drawing the shapes on the wall of the green house and we have talked about hanging jars just like this! Motivation to really get the green house organized this year.