Noteworthy TED Talks inspire out-of-the-box thinking.  Check out the 20 most-watched TED Talks, like Daniel Pink speaking about the surprising science of motivation.  It'll have you rethinking those reward systems (whether in business or schools).

TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design.

The Bottom Line Motivational Quote - My favorite motivational quote.  Please share with those that could use a pick me up.  I read it when I'm down to motivate me to get back on track.

THE BOTTOM LINE – My Favorite Motivational Statement

332 Days-Romantic Films Till Valentine's: ... "FAMILY MAN" ... Is a true sentimental journey & one of my Fav Holiday Movies ......... and so, Money Isn't Everything! 'LOVE STORY Ad ALTERNATE REALITY'  Nic Cage makes character arch believable & Tea Leoni is endearing in this 'what if'  modern take on 'It's a Wonderful Life'. So no cynics allowed! ... Qt:(How do you that?)  Look at me like you haven't seen me every day for the last 13 years."

The Family Man (2000)

*Awesome movie- makes you really put things in perspective* The Family Man ~ "A fast-lane investment broker, offered the opportunity to see how the other half lives, wakes up to find that his sports car and girlfriend have become a mini-van and wife.

DC COMICS NEWS • The Batsymbol Through the Ages

The Batsymbol Through the Ages

The Mark of Batman: The evolution of Batman's Bat-emblems over the years. Notice the evolution of the muscles.

Next in line? Rumours have been swirling that Elba is set to take over from Daniel Craig as 007

Never Say Never Again: Skyfall's Naomie Harris backs Idris Elba to become the first black James Bond

Idbris Elba at the White House State Dinner in honor of British Prime Minister David Cameron- March his own style and swagger to the Obama's

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Shocking Fashion

Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings. Aragorn has always been one of my favorites in the LOTR trilogy.

Maybe Your Bad Guy Is RIGHT! - Helping Writers Become Authors

Funny pictures about Tom Hiddleston The Villain. Oh, and cool pics about Tom Hiddleston The Villain. Also, Tom Hiddleston The Villain photos.

In ur cupboards, stealing ur cookies! • There's a Jeremy Renner gif for ever occasion..

There’s a Jeremy Renner gif for ever occasion..

The elusive Hawkeye bird, hopping around in a new environment. The Hawkeye bird generally resides in a quiet nest area at Stark towers, in the highest location possible.

Becoming a dad doesn’t have to mean giving up style. Our October cover star shows us how

Photos: Ryan Reynolds Shows Us How to Be the Most Stylish Dad on the Block

This is actually happening? Shame on you, if you've done any of these things. That is not what the SPN fandom is about.

Come on people they talk about how respectful the fandom is so lets keep it that way. On screen and off screen are two things that should always stay seperate.<<< I had no idea this was happening. Dang people need to chill and learn respect