Mystical Wooden Scepter Magic Wand Wizard Stave Clear por Queenie88

Magickal Ritual Sacred Tools: Mystical Wooden Scepter Magic Wand Wizard Clear, by

Please go to my new site to order, thank you. http://kurth-works ...

Kurth Works Custom Hand Carved Magic Wizard Wands and Staffs. Really want to make walking sticks like this!

Ancient Root Wizard Crystal Magic Staff

Ancient Root Wizard Crystal Point Magic Staff

The Green Dragon by ~artdragondream on deviantART

~SOLD~ This is the Green Dragon Wand. A spiral of sharp dragon scales. Brother to the Red Dragon Wand. The Green Dragon

ME weaponry - Wizard staffs 1 by on @deviantART

As the poll decided, I was to paint the magical staffs of the "main" Wizards of Middle-earth. There's 5 of them, some of You might protest, but at . ME weaponry - Wizard staffs 1

Dragon Root Wizard Crystal Magic Glowing Staff

This is a very special Wizard staff, with resin roots flowing around a beautiful Amethyst point. You will receive the actual staff from the image.