Gandalf the Grey. Come on, who doesn't like a great wizard?! Reliably scruffy, down to earth and unusually, relateable. A great character!

Gandalf The Grey

Middle-earth: Gandalf (Ian McKellen), "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings.

ArtStation - Wizard Master, Pedro Krüger Garcia

The gnome mage Fjurdnjir of the White Drake ArtStation - Wizard Master, Pedro Krüger Garcia

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Male sorcerer The Dark Lore (and Death Lore, its advanced lore) are filled with dangerous attack spells, giving its users plenty of options for damage

Looks like Elminster from the forgotten realms. Or some other old wizard with a pipe and staff

Gandalf the Grey, Mithrandir, and later known as Gandalf the White is the wisest of the Maiar. For over years, the Grey wizard worked most faithfu. Gandalf the Grey - Figures of Middle Earth