AS WITH ALL POSTED RECIPES, substitute anything for kosher that needs replacing.  Hip pressure cooking – pressure cooker recipes, reviews & tips!

15 + Pressure Cooker Meals to Feed Visiting Relatives

WMF Perfect Pro 6.5 & 3-quart Pressure Cooker Combo

WMF Perfect Pro 65 Pressure Cooker Combo >>> Check out the image by visiting the link.

Pressure Cooker Review: WMF Perfect Plus – Excellent | hip pressure cooking

Pressure Cooker Review: WMF Perfect Plus

If Kuhn Rikon is known as the Mercedes of pressure cookers, then WMF is the BMW- in a class of its own with emphasis on quality, usability and durability. The WMF Perfect Plus pressure cooker has .

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WMF Perfect Plus qt. Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker - With the WMF Perfect Plus qt. Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker in your kitchen, you can prepare healthy and delicious meals in a.

Pressure Cooker Risotto in 7 minutes! Basic Recipe with 7 Classic Italian Variations | hip pressure cooking

Easy Pressure Cooker Risotto (Basic

I present you with an Italian-approved risotto pressure cooker recipe. The rice comes out creamy and delicious just like the original - faster, and without all that stirring and baby-sitting. From the Hip Pressure Cooking website, with permission.

WMF Perfect Plus 3-Quart Pressure Cooker -

WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker -- Quickly view this special product, click the image : Pressure Cookers

WMF Perfect Plus 6.5/3.0 qt. Pressure Cooker Set | Take some pressure off this holiday season! Pressure cooking is an efficient way to tenderize cuts of meat that, well, didn't cost too much at the grocery.

WMF Perfect Plus 6.5/3.0 qt. Pressure Cooker Set

WMF Perfect plus Solid Insert

WMF Perfect Plus Solid Insert for Pressure Cookers Fits inside the and WMF perfect plus pressure cookers Durable stainless steel construction Add to your existing pressure cooker accessory collection Dishwasher safe Measures

pressure cooker cooking times for stovetop and electric pressure cookers. Includes grain-to-water ratios, frozen meat cooking times and much more!

stovetop & electric pressure cooker cooking time chart

Due to their technical advances, pressure cookers have become simple and easy to use! The Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker is known for its residual pressure locking and colored indicator. This pressure cooker set is made of Cromargan steel.

Pressure Cooker Chili- WMF Americas is all about cooking healthy and this is why we created various recipes that you can create something delicious while using your WMF cookware. This recipe cooks up perfectly in the WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker!

Try this delicious pressure cooker Chili recipe. In 30 minutes you will have a tasty bowl of hot chili to warm you inside and out!


WMF Perfect Plus Pressure Cookers The quickest way to cook healthy. WMF pressure cookers are perfect for those who have little time to cook yet still want healt