Nomad by on @deviantART

Character design for a personal project of mine. HD: [link] Copyright Tom Edwards 2013 Please visit my new portfolio: [link] Nomad

Realistic Animal Costume Ears on A Headband's video poster

Deanna Petro is raising funds for Realistic Animal Costume Ears on A Headband on Kickstarter! The culmination of years of research and development has resulted in the most realistic & durable cosplay costume ears available.

Very dark and mysterious mask makeup for a character who might be a sorceror, a druid or a ranger of the night

The claw marks would be cool to incorporate rather than just a plain wolf face. It seems to show a harsh, violent character.

Leatherarmor Northwolf by ~BrimstonePreacher on deviantART

Leatherarmor Northwolf by ~BrimstonePreacher on deviantART Gorgeous armour

Um I think this absolutely the most adorable thing ever. Now just if I can bribe my little man to do it!

Coolest Homemade Classic Werewolf Costume

Homemade Classic Werewolf Costume for my son Jeff who had to endure my werewolf costume when he was younger! (Diy Costume For Boys)

What the best dressed Game of Thrones Groom is wearing this season complete with Wolf accessory!


Kit Harington (Jon Snow) - Game of Thrones is seriously one of the most compelling shows with his dire wolf Ghost.

Wolf hoody

Create this Adult DIY Halloween Wolf Hoodie Costume

Create this adult DIY Halloween wolf hoodie costume with these simple ideas. Create the ultimate Halloween costume with these great steps.

Toddler. Halloween costume idea. Red riding hood and the big bed wolf. ;)

35+ Cute and Easy Kids' Halloween Costume Ideas

Little red riding hood. My little girl wants to be Little Red Riding Hood at school for Halloween. SO cute!

...This mjolnir is nice and heavy, NOT hollow, and a decent sized hole for a wide  selection of cord or chain. I strongly recommend this pendant to our true viking  men and women, as well as children. Something that will last through the ages, as they have before. You can place orde in our store We ship world wide.  #mjolnir #asatru #norsemythology #jewellerystore #vikingstyle #heathenism #oldnorse #wikinger

MJOLNIR - Leather Necklace With Bronze Wolf Heads - HANDMADE

Thors Hammer, or Mjolnir, – a very powerful Nordic protective amulet, a symbol of the creative powers of man. It is a really powerful shield from a.