Paw Print Tattoo

Small Watercolor Wolf Tattoo

I like that, don't really know what for but I do haha

paw print & heart tattoo designs - a wolf paw tattoo! Never thought of that but i love the idea.

Wolf paw print tattoo. Although it looks black, it's actually navy blue.

Although it looks black, it's actually navy blue.except dog prints

I've never really found a tattoo I love but I really like this one. It's a possibility. Animals=my life <3

With the paws of my lil pup that died Awhhh. My heart hurts. Great Tatoo in memory of your friend." I would have to get both cat paws and dog paws and they would have wind around my body!

Once I can convince my dad to get his wolf done I can get the paw print. Since I'm his cub. :)

Wolf paw print since I'm my dad's wolf pup. He always wanted a wolf paw print with the wolves face inside it as a tattoo, but can't bring himself to get one.

Cool Wolf Tattoo idea from an embroidery pattern ---  ooo...with "Winter is Coming"?

If I did get a wolf, it would be this beautiful style. Cool Wolf Tattoo idea from an embroidery pattern --- ooo.with "Winter is Coming"?

I really want a wolf pawprint tattoo, I got a leopard print, just a single one

Wolf Paw Print Tattoo Design by on deviantART. I can't wait to get Logan's Paw tattooed on me. I just have to find the space to fit his paw on me!

Angry Wolf Black and White Art Ink Drawing by BlackraptorArt

Angry Wolf, Black and White Art, Ink Drawing, Animal Art, Ink Splatter, Wolf Face, Sketch Art, Archival Fine Art Print, Wolf Print