Praying Hands with Flowers Tattoo 2 by ~Metacharis on deviantART

Praying Hands with Flowers Tattoo 2 by ~Metacharis on deviantART Love this as an applique or embroidery pattern too :)

Cloud designs are increasingly popular among tattoo artists. Many cloud tattoos are typically done in black, but can be done in multiple colors for premium effect. Representing the sky, or the heavenly and spiritual realm…

Cloud Tattoos for Men

Too good tattoos!I'm a girl from Norway sharing tattoos I like. Feel free to submit tattoos and maybe I'll share them!

One of the most amazing sleeve tattoos I've seen, by my fav. tattoo artist David Allen. #tattoo

Revisiting the cloud sleeve by Allen Tattoo, I love the blue and how by shading and leaving blank space it becomes a perfectly simple concept. A cloud filled sky is peaceful.

A diversidade e a harmonia de todos os desenhos é impressionante.

full leg sleeve tattoos for women

Colorful Japanese sleeve tattoo.

25+ Japanese Water Tattoo Designs

Unknown artist

Popular Gorgeous Hand Tattoos For Your Beautiful Hands - Trend To Wear (just wings)

Toucan&coffee Pinterest||@katieeflow #TraditionalTattoos

Toucan&coffee Pinterest||@katieeflow #TraditionalTattoos

10 Adorable Disney Tattoos. The clouds around simba are the clouds I want for my princess tattoo

The Simba tattoo with the clouds is the one that caught my attention the most

the japanese and the wave Love this art!                                                                                                                                                      More

Unlike the other tattoo designs, the wave tattoo has a very calming atmosphere even with the strong waves protruding out.