Beautiful lotus and dragonfly thigh piece done on instagram: Rebekah_Jonesy. Tattoo done by Instagram: Tommbirch

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Sexy Tattoo ideas for Women Thigh-Thigh tattoos on a woman are seductive and captures the eye and makes it impossible not to stare. Here are some Onpoint thigh Tattoos for women

Black lace thigh tattoo for women

Black lace thigh tattoo for women

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Tattoos on Instagram: “Incredible artwork by: @amyjaneelves!  Follow her for more pictures of her art: @amyjaneelves @amyjaneelves! ✌️ #tattooinkspiration”

or print of Original ar t work called Time is Will be printed on Canvas Will be printed on photographic paper.This piece was made using graphite pencils and fine liner pens. Each print will be dated and hand signed by the artist.

15 Bad-Ass Thigh Tattoo Ideas for Women: #10. SEXY LACE DESIGN

Delicate garter style tattoo by mangust_tattooer. These blackwork thigh tattoos are you to leave you craving for your very own design. They are trendy and stylish and oh so sexy!

Peony tattoo on thigh by Tattooist Grain

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