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Downspout runoff can cause flooding around the foundation of your house and lead to foundation damage and wood rot. These common problems can be prevented and fixed with a NDS catch basin set under the downspout to catch the water and divert it away from has tips on keeping a crawlspace free from water and moisture.

Is it that french drain pipe should be connected to sump pump pit with a hole in the pit wall through a hole equal to the diameter of drain pipe or it can be left out the pit as pit wall has small holes?

Yard Grading 101: How to grade a yard for proper drainage

Learn yard grading techniques now to prevent water drainage problems later. With a little sweat equity this yard grading project can be done in a weekend.

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How to Install French Drains

French Drain - Lay the drainage pipe in a fabric lining in the dug ditch. Place drain pipe atop fabric lining, then add gravel, covering pipe completely. Leave approximately between top of gravel and ground surface.

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Collect or drain? Ways to handle water on your property

How to Install a French Drain in your yard w/ Step by Step and pictures

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8 tips for creating & building a dry creek bed; DIY Dry Creek Bed

A Dry Creek Bed, for beauty and drainage

A Dry Creek Bed, for beauty and drainage; 8 tips for creating & building a dry creek bed; DIY Dry Creek Bed by lakisha

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While rain can be great for your garden, it can also flood your yard. The best 5 flooded yard solutions will help you figure out how to get your yard back to normal.