I've been desperate for a beanbag for a very long time now and after seeing this fluffy one on PBTeen, I'm dead set on it. Sadly, there's no such thing as PBTeen in Singapore, but that's what online shopping is for :)

Furlicious Beanbag, Small

If you want to join the fashion beanbag chairs, you can get ideas from this article. We share with you decorating with beanbag chairs in this photo gallery.

Escritórios Lindos!!! Eu quero!!

Escritórios Lindos!!! Eu quero!!

White-on-white is a typical small space solution, and the little decor elements in bold color help keep this space feeling inviting.

the boo and the boy: built-in kids beds

12 Great Kids Rooms: Susanna Cots, whose interior design studio is based in Barcelona, conceived this ingenious two-level space with a raised bed under which is tucked a dresser and pull-out desk. Fun and functional for sure.

What a beautiful bedroom!

Three beds, lots of storage, one small space. Useful space for 3 kids sharing a bedroom. If there's 2 kids, they have extra space for a friend to sleep over.

09/12/2014 - Quintana 4598 a Buenos Aires è il progetto di edilizia residenziale firmato da ir arquitectura, giovane studio argentino fondato d

There's a complex called Quintana 4598 in Argentina that's filled with these unreal cool module studio apartments. Each pad has a kitchen, storage room, closet

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