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Rust toned orange is a very underrated colour in menswear. Given our propensity for wearing whites, navy and greys, I believe that sartorially conscious men everywhere could benefit from having a few.

This is an awesome example of layering different colors, patterns, and textures together in a way that makes an outfit look bold rather than...

Mixing… A lot of fabric/pattern mixing going on here, but it looks great! The many shades of gray a long with the rough texture of the jacket, herringbone waistcoat and tie, gingham shirt and the.


Color coordination and eye for detail (down to the matching bands of yellow, with the scarf) are superb. May want to try a different kind of tie, however, just for texture variation.


Vintage groom looks to inspire you if you're looking for something elegant and classic. Take a look at pictures of Vintage Looks for The Groom on Arabia Weddings.

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Cary class.

A man with style Cary Grant was an English-born American film and stage actor. Known for his transatlantic accent, debonair demeanor and "dashing good looks", Grant is considered one of classic Hollywood's definitive leading men.