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Captain America || Steve Rogers || by Daniel Norris || 667x1000 || #fanart || $45

Avengers: Age of Ultron - Created by Daniel Norris Part of the Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron Art Showcase taking place at Hero Complex Gallery.

Iron Man 3: Heartbreaker Mark 17 - Deluxe Figur, Fertig-Modell ...

Iron Man 3: Heartbreaker Mark 17 - Deluxe Figur, Fertig-Modell ...

Ferrari 612 GTO

The Ferrari 612 GTO is the creation of young Berlin designer Sasha Selipanov of Berlin, also known as the angry car designer. In collaboration with Samir Sadixov they came up with this stunning design study of a Ferrari 612 GTO.

28 Schilder, bei denen sich das Nachdenken vorher gelohnt hätte

Not funny? Well, you have to know that the word for “trial course” which is being used here — der Schnupperkurs — translate literally as “sniffing course”. Of course, now that the joke has been explained, it’s dead.


Star Wars Family Tree - I wonder if any of these characters that have only been in the books, or comics will be in Star Wars Episode VII...

I'm not sure if this is truly Star Wars. Star Wars Family Tree - I really don’t know what’s going to happen in Episode VII, but if you’re not familiar with the expanded universe, this chart might come in handy to clear things up once it’s out.