Well I couldn't just NOT pin this...the kitty was begging....

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Funny Cat Pictures With Captions

31 Cats Who Have Seen Things You Wouldn't Believe

You pwomise? Really pwomise? You killed da spidey? - This is adorable.

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Cats taking selfie

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Not sure if this is a willy wonka reference, or a super troopers reference. Either way, it's hilarious!

Life Goes Bad... hide in a box!

I love box! I like to be in box. I like to be around box. But mostly in box.

26 Things Cats Are Not. LOL seriously, some of these are the best pictures I've ever seen! XD

26 Things Cats Are Not


Cat Scares Singing Birds Photography By: Alexander Pavlov

Endlich Freitag...

You know a wee one must feel pretty darn safe and secure to sleep like that. What a sweet little baby.