30 Inspiring Smile Quotes

30 Inspiring Smile Quotes

How to create your own happiness: Smile to release endorphins Replace negative thoughts with positive ones Practice gratitude Laugh with friends Express your love Go after your goals

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You did hurt me so deeply that just the sound of your voice puts a large lump in my throat & i remember everyday the things you lied about me. You broke me


Sadly you dont respect me, you didn't treat me as a friend even, understanding.only you understood your actions, communication and companionship you rather do with everyone else.excluded me and yet you say you love me.

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Lauter kleine Zaubermomente: Dinge, die uns einfach nur glücklich mach

Lebe jeden Tag so, als ob er dein letzter sein könnte

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Maybe there was a reason, beyond what they could do differently at the time. Maybe it hurt them just much or more to do what they did. Maybe that's what hurts them to know that you still love them just as much now.

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