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Amazing loft conversion in Camden, London with a perfect shelving staircase combo to mezzanine. Via Studio Craft Design

Repin from Eric Frahm- The modules of this staircase are put together to make something that is functional even more so. The modules create more space that is generally wasted gives depth to an otherwise flat surface.

House in a Pine Wood by Sundaymorning and Massimo Fiorido Associati. A staircase is extruded from the wooden shelves of a bookcase at this renovated house in Tuscany

This kind of staircase but the small boxes on top of the bigger cabinets will be an open shelf for books or slippers.

For the basement stairs: cabinets, stairs with flip up steps and very narrow stairs. Each step goes up one at a time for each foot. It is sort of spaced so you are putting one foot per step with a steeper step. Very space-saving.