Designer Yves Béhar created these vibrant Y Water bottles with a life-cycle that extends beyond their initial use. The bottles are completely recyclable, don’t leech chemicals, and once empty, each little bottles becomes a building block that combines to create expansive geodesic shapes. These alchemical combinations of lucent plastic propose an innovative solution to the bottle’s lifecycle, extending it through play.      Yves Béhar’s Recyclable Y Water Bottles

"Recyclable Y Water Bottles" ---playfullness along with tackling serious issues like sustainable

Yves Béhar’s Recyclable Y Water Bottles

The bottles were designed by industrial designer Yves Behar, of Fuse Project.

Rocking horse

CAVALINHO GIOCO: Partnership between Componenti with Zanini de Zanine, a brazilian designer to explore the Methacrylate® in children’s furniture, creating the concept “furniture as toys”.

Petit beurre cushion

Biscuit Cushion - how cool is this! I could make this for 'Biscuit'! It would be "Biscuit's Cushion"!

Offi chalkboard table

this little chalk board table is an awesome idea. Cover the top of the table with chalkboard paint. We used tint-able chalk board paint on the one we made, had it tinted purple. The grandkids love it.

Yves Béhar’s Recyclable Y Water Bottles

Yves Behar: Designing objects that tell stories via TED


Babygadget: Children’s Furniture by Rafaschieri Design Studio

Growing table by Olaf Schroeder

Customizable Furniture That Will Grow With Your Children - love the paper roller

Keith Haring chair

Expressive Keith Haring Chair by Vilac

The Klick Puzzle Chair

Pkolino Kilck Puzzle Chair, Children’s Furniture, Puzzle Chair, Children Play Table

Colorful cat houses

Dutch firm Studio Mango has created the Kitty Meow cat bed for PetsInn Shanghai. The adorable cat bed is shaped like a head of a cat and provides playful s