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Easter or Spring Centrepiece. This pin links to heaps of great Easter decoration ideas but without links to original sources

Beautiful #Easter eggs

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pisanki, Ostereier

blue and white easter egg designs , to do draw or paint on white egg with masking fluid or hot glue gun , put egg in indigo dye allow to dry then peel off the masking egg craft made easy

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easter Osterdeko: Osternest mit Frühlingsblumen in Weiß. Something like this would be great for spring.

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Adorabe for Easter ---simple, sweet elegance! mooi tafelstuk (theelichtje in eitje)

Tolle Oster-Deko mit Blümchen!

Pasen ❤️ Easter Egg Vase: drain then wash eggs with antibacterial soap, air dry, place in votive holder with moss from craft store.


Easter scale - white eggs, birds, roses, candles in the shape of an egg and grey moss