Silikon-Mold selber machen

Easy DIY silicone molds - Tutorial how to make silicone molds using things you have at home! Perfect for duplicating things with fimo, polymer clay or air drying clay.


Floor sweep, needs a magnet to catch odd metal bits and a beveled bottom piece. Can't have little bits of sawdust sitting on the floor in front of it, it'd drive me crazy!

Teds Woodworking Plans Evaluation - FREECYCLE. >> Find out more by checking out the picture link

Teds Woodworking Plans Review

This handy shop fixture makes it easy to both organize and use a rotary tool and its accessories.

Using panel press project

Wall-mounted Plywood Panel Press Project

Large panel glue-ups take up a lot of space in your shop, preventing you from using your workbench, but this panel press moves the glue-up to the wall.

#3100 DIY Sharpening Station - Sharpening Wood Carving

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