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Institut Mathildenhöhe Hochzeitsturm, in Darmstadt, Germany - photo by Stefan Treitz

The top of Institut Mathildenhöhe's Hochzeitsturm (Wedding Tower), in Darmstadt, Germany - photo by Stefan Treitz; the building was commissioned by the city to celebrate the wedding of Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig in the early

Radio Kootwijk Netherlands Old radio station in nature park de Hoge Veluwe

Radio Kootwijk Netherlands Old radio station in nature park de Hoge Veluwe; used to make radio connection possible with the Netherlands Indies, now Indonesia, on the other side of the globe. Seen in the movie "Mindhunters"

Battleship Island, Japan

Abandoned Battleship Island, Japan housed what it should have with obscenely crowded apartments like this. Now, entire island is abandoned & restricted to the public. These derelict sky-scraping ghettos fall without an ear to hear them.

Japan’s Shime coal mine, abandoned for over half a century.

Shime Mine Tower Known to some as the ‘Anti-Zombie Fortress’. It has become a popular destination for haiyako, a fairly recent trend of urban exploration with a focus in abandoned ruins and photography.

Midrand water tower, South Africa.

Midrand Water Tower, South Africa - At megalitres it is the largest water tower in the southern hemisphere. Created of post-tensioned concrete, the cone on a 23 ft.) diameter stem with a 33 ft.

Les Arènes de Picasso at Noisy-le-Grand, Paris

The Arena of Picasso or Picasso's Bullring 'les Arenas de Picasso', in Noisy-Le-Grand, is situated just outside of Paris. The Spanish Architect Manuel Nunez Yanowsky begun designing the complex in it was opened 4 years later.