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Everyone should experience a first class flight once in their lives, and at Flightfox we're helping people reach that goal for next to nothing!

Business class in a brand new #SingaporeAir B777

Business class in a brand new #SingaporeAir B777

Qatar business class

My Free Business Class Upgrade

It takes at least 18 hours in the air to get to Bangkok from Montreal. 18 hours of crammed seats, sealed processed foods and the inevitable crying baby. But this time, because of some inexplicable luck, I was rescued from coach and allowed into the exclusive and elite world of the upper class.

Never Buy a Eurail Europe Train Pass again, fly instead!

Eurotrip Hack: 10 Cities for $232

We asked our experts to fly to 10 different regions of Europe in order to create the Ultimate Cultural Eurotrip. The cost? So low, even we couldn't believe it! Here's why you should never take the train again.

5 star airline, first class

The best airlines in the world

5 star airline, first class

Jet, sports car, flying first class


It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop. — Wisdom of Confucius


Random Chanel Item | The Zhush

No. 59 We’re toying with the idea of jetting off to Florida for a few days, for some much needed...

Singapore Airlines's New First Class

Millionaire boom: Which countries are getting richer?

Global wealth has more than doubled since 2000, reaching a new all-time high of $241 trillion, find the 2013 Credit Suisse Wealth Report.

Virgin Atlantic's in-flight bar

Virgin Atlantic's in-flight bar

private jet, please!

private jet, please!

surprise getaway... <3


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