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Cute snail activity with concentric circles. Could also be done with felting the concentric circles and adding to the snail body.

Pasta snails, craft, primary school, Soooo cool & cute!

Pasta snails from painted pasta shells and a rope out of dough. Instructions are not in English

Snail Pattern -- Use Tissue paper and pony beads instead.

DIY Spring Kids Craft: Watch out the Snails are here!, with their houses made from dried beans and seeds.

Snail Craft

Snail craft for kids with crayon and then watercolor resist on a paper plate shell.

Snail Art _polkadots on parade... for the play room under the steps :)

Circle Punch Polka Dot Snail Craft

Snail Art _polkadots on parade - just need Circle Punches and colored paper.


Painting for children is a fascinating activity~ Cool variation of the typical hand-tracing idea

16 Silly Snail Crafts for Kids

16 Silly Snail Crafts for kids of all ages