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Gegen Listenhunde!!!Eine "Liste" sagt nichts über das Wesen dieser tollen Hunde aus!!!

Those eyes. This dog breed is known for its incredible hunting abilities. The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog is said to have originated from the state of Louisiana is in the area of Catahoula thus acquiring the name Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog.

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Kaufen für die Mülltonne? - 80 kreative Upcycling-Ideen

Eco Housekeeping Tip Rake upcycling project. Find an old rake and remove/cut off the handle Hang the rake in your house with a nail, screw, or anything else you can find that will support the rake. Hang stemware from the rake. Wow I love this idea!

So machst du deine Wohnung unverwechselbar!

TwistedSifter DIY Shelves with Glow in the Dark Resin Inlay In web-designer and software engineer Mat Brown ditched the mouse and keyboard to pursue his passion for art and design. Brown now focuses on making jewellery and other objects which a.