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Örnsro Timber Town in Örebro. C.F. Møller

With the Örnsro Trästad (Örnsro Timber Town) proposal, C. Møller Architects and C. Møller Landscape, in cooperation with Slättö Förvaltning, have won the task of designing a visionary residential quarter in

Berger+Pakkinen Architekten, querkraft architekten, EBG Gemeinnützige Ein- und Mehrfamilienhäuser Baugenossenschaft, idealice Landschaftsarchitektur, Lackner+Raml Ziviltechniker, Ic buildings GmbH, Weissenseer Holz-system-bau, Seestadt, Aspern, Wohnungs

The complex with a total of 213 apartments and eight shops apparently consists of a group of clearly recognisable individual timber houses in the form of slender, compact individual volumes.