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Schnapp Dir die Anleitung, Deine Wollreste + eine Plastik-Wäscheleine, um einen stabilen Henkel-Korb zu häkeln. Das ist gar nicht so schwer, fang gleich an.

Such a nice basket is always a must-have! It is decorative and functional! You will get a detailed instruction of 11 pages with step-by-step photos on how to work on such a basket in US ENG. When you have crocheted such a basket you will be able to produ

Pinguin-Fingerfood aus Mozzarella - Rezeptideen Fingerfood Party einfache Rezepte

Ingredients for one penguin: 2 pitted black olives 1 small mozzarella ball carrot toothpick ham or bacon Preparation: Carefully cut inside one of the olives. Don& cut it in half, because the mozzarella will go into this, and this will be the wings