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) the rear of forgetting, being forgotten or ignored, or being replaced. I had a deep fear of being forgotten as a child. That my family move and leave me behind.

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Self harm scars aren't only scars, they're thought no one listened to, they're cries for helf nobody heard, they're ploblems nobody wanted to acknowledge and they're memories you just couldn't cope with.

Stressbewältigung: Stressmanagement: Wer hätte sie nicht gerne: starke Nerven wie Drahtseile.

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Wie psychische Krankheiten aussähen, wenn sie Monster wären - Très Click

Wie psychische Krankheiten aussähen, wenn sie Monster wären

Disorders as real monsters. I love this idea. My anxiety and sleep disorder monsters are kinda cute. Art Print featuring Real Monsters- Anxiety by Zestydoesthings