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If you want to know what style is here is an example: By younique_carolyn

stressfreies Wochenende

stressfreies Wochenende

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Time to bring in this new year with new adventures ( to Mexico March yay!


Happy Friday :) I'm excited to say that I am hosting a week long event where I am sharing all my makeup tips and tricks as well as skincare! I use a lot of home remedies I will be sharing how to use certain products and answer any of your

ein Bild für's Herz 'Erholsamen Sonntag.jpg' von Floh. Eine von 26 Dateien in der Kategorie 'ich wünsche dir...' auf FUNPOT.

"I told myself I'd go on a run this morning" -Doug

Welcome to my boards, and pin away-yay!

Happy FRIDAY Everyone! Xxx (For those on the other side of the world right now - please hold this thought until tomorrow and go back to enjoying your Thursday!

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a case of the Mondays .

funpot: schoenen Sonntag.jpg von Renilinz

funpot: schoenen Sonntag.jpg von Renilinz

happy friday! #tgif #type

Schöne Sprüche über das Leben

Thankful for long weekends❤ (cxy9dqrnxna.gif)

Have a Great Week Ahead Quotes