Nick Bateman. I'll skip the turkey, I want him for Thanksgiving dinner. I second that!

Nick Bateman & San Juanita Sanchez babe love you my heart I'll skip the turkey, I want him for Thanksgiving dinner.

Oooh Zac Efron's eyes <3

Post a picture of an actor who has lovely eyes who is not in your top 5 hotties. - Zac Efron's eyes are amazing! question and answer in the Hottest Actors club

Channing Tatum

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What she said!!!! Yum-m-m-meeeeeee.  prettypeachpeonies:    Backs are by far my favorite part of a guy’s body. Why do you think I enjoy watching men’s swimming so much…?

Portrait- Male Boudoir - Black and White - Photography - Pose Idea / Inspiration

That back, those shoulders... yes please!

Stunning British model, Adam Cowie, sets to a beautiful seaside for a stunning story entitled “Beach Boy” by photographer Specular.

Don't you want to run your hands over those abs? Or lips.

those lower abdominal veins and those beautiful little V muscles.

i can't breath!!! you're so...... *hmmph *glek ;p #ZacEfron

I love Zac efron I like him is so cute handsome guy he's a good looking guy : ) I wanna meet Zac efron : ) he's my favorite guy