Das ist eine tolle Wandgestaltungs-Idee für unsere kahle Wand im Wohnzimmer. Durch den Freiraum in der Mitte zwischen den Bilderrahmen entsteht ein schöner Effekt

Learn how to create a photograph display, with pictures of arrangements, tips, and ideas on how to design the best picture wall for your space. Make your photo wall pop!

tolle wandgestaltung wohnideen wandfarben besen

Bringen Sie die Kunst nach Hause durch tolle Wandgestaltung

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hallway to our bedroom when we put in track lighting? Black and white photograph display black frames white mattes fill a blank wall with family photos to display them instead of putting them in a photo album that no one is going to look at

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corner gallery wall - without the specially made corner frames. Would need to be on a corner that is in an open area; this would be really overbearing in a tight hallway. But in the right space it could look amazing. Very art gallery.

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Bringen Sie die Kunst nach Hause durch tolle Wandgestaltung

This is Fabrizio Aielli’s new restaurant in Naples, Italy called Barbatella. Designed by American architectural firm GrizForm Design Architects, the interior is fresh and inviting. I like the use of ceiling medallions, would be cute in a house


Great, inexpensive way to fill up a large wall. Painted mine blue for a beige wall. Who would& ever thought to use ceiling medallions as wall art?