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Human vs Animal Antibiotic Sales are Relatively Different | Hurd Health: Animal Health and Food Safety

Human vs Animal Antibiotic Sales are Relatively Different

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Simple infographic with facts on how antibiotics are used by livestock farmers to keep animals healthy

Introduction of antibiotics and emmerge of resistance timeline

Antibiotic Resistant Germs & The Havoc They Wreak |

This serious public health problem is leading to two million people per year in the US acquiring antibiotic-resistant infections, and Americans. --- This is a great infographic on antibiotic resistance.

Farm animals fed Antibiotics (Infographic) stop eating corporate farmed and ranch animals. eat locally grown from small farms.  this can be done anywhere in the usa if you stand up for your rights.  read the constitution and the bill of rights. any law that is unconstitutional is illegal.

Water transport short essay about life Short Essay on Importance of Water. Water ways are important medium of transportation. Transport by water ways is cheaper as compared to by. Short Essay on Water.

High Levels of Resistant Bacteria on Meat (Again)