Student Spotlight: Coyote Fireworks. Using burlap, vernacular type which traditionally is hand painted, and that “dynamite” appearance creates the overall look. Designed by Roxy Torres a graphic design student originally from El Salvador. She recently received her BFA from Savannah College or Art and Design. Her true passion lies in creating handcrafted projects that utilize illustration to achieve visual appeal. Appears to be a concept only.

Student Spotlight: Coyote Fireworks

suspensefulgraphics: “ Fireworks packaging anyone? Fuck yeah, this amazing packaging and branding for Coyote Fireworks designed by Roxy Torres.

Carroll Shelby Collection : Artwork & Print Production on Behance

For you Carroll Shelby- been in and drove many of your cars- Unforgettable, amazing man! Carroll Shelby Collection : Artwork & Print Production on Behance

Levi's Vintage Clothing

The labelling and packaging for a new premium line launched by Levi's XX Amsterdam.

Hilfiger denim #hangtag

Be it branded or our own seasonal ranges we draw inspiration from a mix of vintage and modern influences.