Vegetarian dishes in Berlin

Vegan food in :) Studio SSS - Inspiration for my own travel illustration - with Baker Schattner;

Deutsche Märchenstraße...  There is a Fairy Tale Road in Germany, which, as it follows in the footsteps of the Brothers Grimm, leads to a castle filled world of fantasy, sagas, myths and legends, through forests, beautiful countryside and medieval villages.

This illustrated map shows the German Fairy Tale Route. It is a 600 kilometres long route from Hanau in the south (place of birth of the Brother’s Grimm) to Bremen in the north (Town Musician’s of.

Germanys Fairy Tale Road - Visit the towns related to the tales of the Brothers Grimm.

Germany's Fairy Tale Road - A Grimm fairy tales map takes you to all the different towns related to the wonderful tales of the Brothers Grimm