Ovejas con plato de papel y algodón.

Paper plate and cotton ball sheep craft - Jesus is the Good Shepherd who laid down His life for His people.

A Basket of Bunnies. Scrappy little friends, that are fun and easy to assemble.

If only i could sew. "Scrappy Little Bunnies" Tutorial! A quick and easy Easter craft! - this would be brilliant for a easter hunt!

felt bunnies, would make a  cute pressie for easter maybe with pouch in front with room for chocolate!

For five dollars, I will send you two of these adorable little felt bunnies. These bunnies are handmade from felt, and would make great decorations, or additions to an easter basket for that special someone. I can make these in almost any color.

Tassenkuchen - Bäckerei: Spiegeleier-Kuchen

Spiegeleier-Kuchen (Fried Egg Cake-- its actually apricots on top of a creamy iced cake)

DIY Anleitung: Osterhase von aprilkind | DaWanda Blog

DIY Anleitung: Osterhase

Reproduire les différentes graphies en maternelle

Arbeitsblatt Schreiben lernen, Werkblad: schrijfmotoriek Don't speak that language but this is too cute not to save!

Chick Candy Cuties are fun and easy to make in the hoop. A pocket with a flap in the back allows you to fill their tummies for a yummy Easter treat!

Chick Candy Cuties Pickle Pie Designs (Rose: This would be a cute family tradition to start, wouldn't it?

cute chicken printable and a cute bunny that rocks back and forth - use for The Little Red Hen craft - let kids color, fold, and tape on legs - using fine motor skills

I love this little chicken card!this would be a cute project to go with the "Little Red Hen" book. and maybe even use a paper plate to make it. Writing Prompt: "I would or would not help the Little Red Hen because.