Beach stones hand selected from a beach on the Central Coast of California. Used in a collage on a 7 X 5 canvas-Gaurdian Angel

Pebble Art/ Canvas Art/ Multi Media Collage/ Beach Stones/ Guardian Angel / Home decor

Steine bemalen - Dekoration für Zuhause oder nur zum Spaß!

what a cute idea! Have an oval grey rock in one of my flower pots that would make a perfect Guinness lol

Steine bemalen und Pilze gestalten. Tolle Bastelidee für Kinder!

15 Coolest Nature Crafts for Kids

Bring the Smurfs into your home with a sweet and simple nature craft: painted rock mushrooms! All you need is a few smooth rocks, some red and white paint, and a bit of blue. No wait, glue!

Stein bemalen Schaf Bilderrahmen


sheep created for my garden space- the rocks are if the garden doesn't do well, at least there will be something pretty there

Steine als Erdbeeren anmalen und zwischen die erdbeerpflanzen legen. Damit hält man Vögel von den Pflanzen weg

My dog always picks up pebbles and then drops them by my feet. But what am I supposed to do with them? Maybe I could find ways to paint pebbles for craft.

Pebble Art: Pebbles on canvas. My sweet grandson that loves to collect rocks. Maybe an artist in the making.