DIY Unicorn Glitter Party Favor- Includes Kool Aid Dye Play Dough Recipe!

DIY Unicorn Glitter Play Dough Party Favor

DIY Unicorn Glitter Play Dough Party Favor - I think this would also be cute with a dino on top and dino colored play dough inside, or car themed.

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Graduating from college also means graduating from those crappy college apartments. And in the quest to master this " thing, you're going to want to dress up your first post-grad space with

Mini Gugl Kerzenständer

DIY Mini-Gugl Kerzenständer

In another language, but use plaster in a candy mold to make these holders.

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These Unicorn Necklaces can be cherished by young and old. Filled with Iridescent white glitter, then topped with stars.