Homemade Halloween Costumes!

19 Easy DIY adult costumes

29 Homemade Halloween Costumes (for adults) love this Mary Poppins couples costume! If we had a girl, we could do this couple costume PLUS the two kids!

Simple homemade costumes

Coolest Homemade Grapes Costume

Homemade Grapes Costume: This grapes costume was a relatively simple costume to make. She wore a purple sweatsuit (with a hood) and I made, out of a big piece of felt from the

kids halloween costumes | Tumblr...obviously the tractor would be RED!

- John Deere farmer and tractor costume.so easy to make! This is my nephews next Halloween costume! But make the wagon a tractor. Or we can be farmers and kids animals?

Ewok hood....hehehe

Just in time for Comic-con, Star Wars in Concert, or any Star Wars convention or party! Direct from Endor, a plush Ewok hood.

30 Unexpected Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

30 Unexpected Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

Comic Artist -- just for fun. Leader and/or girls made up as comic book characters. This site has DIY Halloween Costumes but we posted it just for this pix.