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You know you're a Whovian when...

Doctor Who Challenge- Day Saddest episode. I have bawled my eyes out every time I've watched it! The first time I cried for fifteen minutes straight.

Of course I do. But I've liked the Doctors and companions since then, too.

I luv everyone in the doctor who Fandom, characters and fans. My fave is eleven and his crew, still love nine and his crew.

Doctor Who meets Soft Kitty! I like how it's all Tennant at first then it goes to Smith at the end xD :O

Soft Doctor Warm Doctor The Tardis has a pool! Happy Doctor Sleepy Doctor Bow ties are cool. Wouldn't it be great if Sheldon were the Doctor's companion? Nine's sarcasm would fool him, that'd be hilarious.

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How many Time Lords does it take to open a door? no seriously, if nine was also in, he would kick it