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a dining room table is set with plates and vases on it, surrounded by windows
Beautiful Tablescape Ideas | Set your Table for Summer | Summer Tablescaping
Stoneware has been used by humans for thousands of years. Today we use stoneware in 3-star Michelin restaurants as well as in the everyday table setting with the family.
a group of people sitting around a table with plates and bowls on it, eating food
Table Decoration Ideas | Summer Tablescapes | Rustic and Modern
The Salt collection is made from a long handicraft tradition, in one of Portugal's most famous stoneware factories. The stoneware is of very good quality and created at high temperatures, which gives the surface a hardness that lasts for a very long time.
a table topped with cups and saucers next to a window filled with pillows, blankets and plants
Table Setting Trends | Stoneware Scandinavian Design I Dinnerware Living Room
Invite your friends to a set table characterized by natural tones, unique glazes, and organic shapes with elements of wood!
people sitting at a table with food and wine
Rustic Table Setting for Family | Tablescape Inspiration | Kitchen
Stoneware created by nature. All parts in the collection Salt are dishwasher safe, ovenproof, and microwave safe.
someone is eating spaghetti on a plate with wine glasses and plates in front of them
Rustic Table Setting Inspiration | Tableware Stoneware | Outdoor Dinner Party
There is no part that is exactly like the other, which means that you are completely alone with your particular dinnerware. One by one, the parts can be experienced differently but set together, they merge into a beautiful and harmonious whole as the tones in the glazes return in each part.
three white plates sitting on top of a sandy beach next to an object in the sand
Summer Tablescape Inspiration | Wedding Ideas | Rustic Stoneware
The feeling of setting the table with Salt is like a quiet walk by the sea, where the waves wash up on the beach, and then retreat again. This is exactly the movement that our glazes reflect - like an imprint from the salty, frothy water and the beautiful nature.
two white bowls sitting on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean water and seaweed
Natural Tablescapes Designs | Dinnerware Set Stoneware | Outdoor
Salt - a timeless collection inspired by the sea, made of clay, shaped by water and air, created by fire and passion.
an outdoor table set for two on the beach
Tablescape Inspiration for Outdoor | Picnic Ideas | Summer Table Setting
The beautiful glaze, which is slightly crackled, changes in the shades of the sea and is created by Portuguese craftsmen. Invite your friends to a set table characterised by natural tones, unique glazes, and organic shapes with elements of wood!
a stack of white dishes sitting on top of each other next to a branch with red berries
Beautiful Tableware Design | How To Decorate your Table | Scandinavian Design
With the stoneware collection Salt, you create a table setting far beyond the ordinary, a personal table setting that you never want to leave.
two people sitting at a table with plates of food and glasses of wine in front of them
Summer Table Setting Inspiration | Dinnerware Set Rustic | Stoneware Design
Every piece of the collection is unique and is created by hand. The glazes come in natural tones that give personality to your table setting. The collection includes a dinner and starter plate, 4 bowls in different sizes, a mug, a jug, and a cake dish.
two plates with silverware and green leaves on them, sitting on a wooden table
Tablescape Summer Wedding | Dinnerware Set | Summer Outdoor Party
Salt is our first rustic stoneware set from Portugal, a nation that is world-famous for its long tradition of stoneware. Every piece of tableware all has its very own personality, because of the hand-made glaze that differs from piece to piece.
the table is set with plates, silverware and plants in front of large windows
Table Decorating Trends | Scandinavian Design I Rustic Stoneware
Salt is a rustic stoneware set where each part is unique. A timeless collection inspired by the sea, made of clay, shaped by water and air. Created by fire and passion.
a bowl filled with eggs sitting on top of a table next to plates and silverware
How to Set you Table for Easter | 6 Simple Easter Crafts | Rustic Table Setting Ideas
If you have a rustic wooden table, let the wood's unique structure be visible. Create the right atmosphere with linen, the tablecloth does not even need to be ironed it just adds more character.
a bowl filled with eggs sitting on top of a table
Easter DIY Craft for the Table | Stoneware Design | Table Setting Ideas
To create the right spring feeling for your Easter table setting, decorate the table with some of our most beloved spring signs.
the table is set with plates, cups and vases filled with flowers on it
Table Setting Spring Inspiration | Scandinavian Design | Stoneware Dinnerware Set
Linen napkins in a natural color palette will help create the feeling you are after. No advanced napkin folding is needed here, but let the napkins go in the same style as the linen tablecloth. It should be easy to set a beautiful Easter Table!