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Gabriel Pantel

Gabriel Pantel
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Hayabusa Fight Kanpeki Elite™ Series 2.0 MMA fight gear, sparring gloves, shinguards, headgear

I've got the gloves, grappling shin guards and head gear. The material feels great and makes you want to train. It has a more natural feel. like the equipment is an extension of myself.

Yang chenfu 85 form yang tai chi chuan

Tai Chi History: In his own preface to the 'Encyclopedia of Taijiquan' published in Yang Cheng-Fu recorded a sentence attributed to Yang Lu-Chan.


Photo taken by // Shaolin monks training, Zhengzhou, China.The world famous Shaolin Monastery is known to many in the West for its association with martial arts, specifically Shaolin Kung Fu. The physical strength and dexteri