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I am in love with this photo. I think that this was such a creative idea the way they made the illusion that there were millions of birds in the jar who are finally free. I think it was such a neat idea

Wochenende gerettet, dank Benni Janzen

Kreativer Fun - ein Love-Shoot von Benni Janzen

Wohnkultur Wanddekoration von Ingrid Beddoes, print, Löwenzahn Löwenzahn Wandkunst, Naturfotografie, schwarz-weiß Fotografie Löwenzahn, Blume

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Kreative Fotos am Strand. #Fotografie #Strand #kreativ

Senior pictures at the beach. Beach senior picture ideas for girls.

schwarz / weiß druckt Dekor, die schwarz-weiß Fotografie Dekor Vögel auf einem Draht Wand Kunst monochrome Kindergarten Winter Drucke grau neutral

Black and white prints bird decor black and white photography decor birds on a wire wall art monochrome nursery winter prints gray neutral

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And now that I brought that name up, idk whether to be sad about Hedwig or happy about this adorable picture :-\ What they fail to realize is that this is a barn owl, not a snowy owl ~Sabrina