Beautiful DIY Wall Art Pack For Creative Beginners

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Genius! This would be a fun way to paint many things, with little mess!

Easy Bundled Q-tip stamped tree paintings for every season. Winter, spring, summer and fall arts and craft project for kids. Make cherry blossoms or beautiful autumn leaves. Great for toddlers or preschoolers

Hase und Karotte aus Pfeiffenputzer

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Bunnies

Anleitung für selbst gemachten Supersand (statt Kineticsand)

Supersand selber machen: Kinetic Sand Alternative


If you want to give a low-budget makeover to any part of your home, then we suggested you should try spray painting which has become a new trend in home-remodeling. Spray painting is an easy, cheap and fast way to make those existing home items go from pl


Enhance your learning space with this simple, colorful cauliflower-stamped fall tree craft.


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Students gather natural resources such as leaves, tough grass and experiment with paint to create artworks.