Kiss me

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Untitled, 1976 by John Stezaker on Curiator, the world's biggest collaborative art collection.

This is a beautiful daily picture of a couple kissing in a market in Paris. I love the colours, the used and natural effect of this capture. -> from the National Geographic, 1972 “Young lovers in Paris” by Gordon W.

One last kiss goodbye through the window of the train.

kiss attack

its two babies kissing! wait- two babies kissing?


I felt infinite to simply put it, with his lips on mine I felt a lack of time. Truly my heart ceased to beat and began to fly, oh lover of mine you do not know what you do to me. Even when you leave my side I always feel your lips on Life Style


Vintage old photograph couple kissing under an umbrella So beautiful.


Beach wedding photo idea love the bride on her tippy toes


Aww, young love is just adorable!


Discovery of the concept and series of photographs “Kiss” by photographer Andy Barter. Many variations with shots from above and seen from above, of couples kissing.


sometimes, rarely, she would slam me up against something, and kiss me without Life Style

Kiss here

Gymnopedie by Akin Cetin