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cishet men crying over anything vaguely feminist is my favorite form of entertainment. they just can't handle not being represented in screen haha.

This is cute, though I'm a Christian and magic is supposed to be bad. Maybe these witches wouldn't be evil witches?

These are cute ideas, but I also would like modern witches that don't have it all figured out and when they accidentally summon a demon in the middle of the city PEOPLE ACTUALLY NOTICE. I hate when there's a modern witch story and the non-fantastical popu

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I want captain jack harkness back so badly. He's so awesome

I feel like we should have had more Nine/Jack/Rose episodes. Maybe if they ever bring Nine back for a multi-Doctor thing, we could possibly bring them back together for one extra story?I can dream can't I? Because I love Nine

Doctor Who

Head cannon accepted end he lives for pretty much forever so it's quite possible! Captain Cheesecake is practically running a support group for former companions of the Doctor

Twelfth Doctor: The silly old universe. The more I save it, the more it needs saving. It’s a treadmill. They’ll get it all wrong without me. I suppose one more lifetime wouldn’t kill anyone. Well, except.

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