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画像中央が『Donuts』の収録曲で、両端がサンプリングされたアーティスト及び楽曲が色分けされた旗と共に表示されている。たとえば、画像中央最上部の「Donuts (Outro)」にはピンク色の旗が表示されているが、これは画像右中央のShuggie Otis「Not Available」がこのトラックで使用されていることを示している。

The famed hip hop producer sampled tons of artists in his career. For his final album, Donuts, there were a few that he came back to time and time again.

Real Hip Hop

Hip Hop beat box that they use to use and still use in America. I could use this as a repeated print but using different colours.

Some old school comin at you Butch & Thomas P. Heckmann (OFFICIAL) @acid @mpc @909 @101 @303 #longdickstyle

This looks curiously like my first synth array (though it was CV for the synths using the DIN to from the to drive the sequencer).

His music means so much to me. Quite a few of his tracks touches my soul...... He will always be one of my favorite producers. His sound is so timeless and ethereal... Takes you to your own little dimension.. J Dilla (and Chill:-) ) 1974---Infinity

thoughts-of-a-hip-hop-junkie: J Dilla - Give’Em What They Want On May Pay Jay will be releasing the upcoming Dilla EP Give ‘Em What They Want. Here’s the first release from the project.

James Dewitt Yancey aka J Dilla aka Jay Dee aka Dilla Dawg.Rest In Beats, Peace,Love & Light