Paper cup dragon - and other ideas for crafts based on castles and kings

The Worst Princess - Summer Book Exchange

Create your own fire-breathing dragon- what a fun craft for kids and all you need is a green cup, googly eyes, and some fire colored streamers.perfect, since our favorite book right now is "Paper Bag Princess".

Crazy for Cardboard Crafts

Crazy for Cardboard Crafts

Design your own knights shield activity, with free printable templates. Fun way to use imagination and learn about history

Easy Knights Costume (No Sew

Free Printable knights shield templates - Use to make a knights costume or as a work sheet for kids

Knight and Princess Birthday Party: games- dragon egg hunt and joust game.

This was my sons birthday years back -Coolest Castle Birthday Party Ideas and Photos- just found it online when I was checking out new ideas for my youngest son!


Personalised Knight Party Invitation

Are you interested in our personalised knight party invite? With our boys personalised knight invitation you need look no further.

jousting knights

jousting balance beam storming the castle: attack castle (catapult), slay dragon, go to dungeon, rescue princess